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Product Provenance Authentication
Supply Chain Traceability Compliance
Sustainability Management

Traceability Authentication
Meeting the timber market technology objectives
Bullet proof and cost effective capability to track the timber process from the point of the forest plot, through the logging process and production, to the final products enabling the consumer to access the proof of provenance for a conscious choice of purchase.
Timber market regulations on carbon footprint
HWP – Harvested wood product
The timber log split impacts the carbon credit level to be granted in case of the use for construction and pallets. On the contrary carbon credits need to be purchased for the use for pulp.

The coming changes in the legal regulatory focusing on sustainable forestry, controlled and certified timber trading will strengthen the environmental protection. The accuracy in measurement and authentication of every timber log is essential in carbon credit monitoring.
Addressing timber supply chain risk assessment
“The global trade in roundwood, paper, furniture and other products originating from illegally extracted timber is a multi-million dollar industry!”
TimberFingerprint @ Chain of custody
The Deeplai timber industry blockchain will provide total data visibility and a single source of truth. Within the entire networks of a supply chain based on image sourcing files can document updates to a single shared ledger.The transactions are always time-stamped and up to date, companies can query a product’s status and location at any point in time.
This helps to combat issues like counterfeit goods, compliance violations, auditing and provenance certification. Companies can also share track and trace data with their customers as a way to verify product authenticity, sustainable sourcing and ethical supply chain practices.
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