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Every tree is unique.

The rings found within trees tell the story of the tree's life -including the age of the tree and historical weather conditions.

Our AI engine is specially trained to identify the unique features of each and every tree and assign a (ring) fingerprint of the tree from a single photo.

This visual product fingerprint allows for easy visual verification and authentication of lumber.
The AI Timber Fingerprint Technology
The visual analysis considers the unique characteristics of the log which includes the distinct ring, bark, knot patterning found in the log, as well as other data points such as the size, shape, diameter, proportions, and any unique markings.
Forestry Supply Chain
The selected logging area drone 3d scanning of every and each tree is taken.At the point of harvesting, an image of the cut timber is captured. The image as well as meta data such as the geolocation, date and time of harvesting is also included, and this data is then sent to a database in the cloud. Each cut log is given a unique profile and this data is stored and accessible from a central database. The data for each log can include the geolocation, size, time and date of harvest, image and any other meta data deemed necessary.
ProductFingerprint solution is capable to identify, track and trace timber from the point of harvest through the entire supply chain before reaching the final processing.
Beneficial for law enforcement agencies
The Timber Fingerprint matching algorithm can be used by law enforcement and other agencies to match found logs to known stumps. This can provide immense time saving for law enforcement as this is process is currently done manually. The online app (with internet access) can provide the user with near real-time access to the database and determine whether a match was found.
Each apple is unique.

Our AI engine is specially trained to identify each apple's unique fingerprint from visual cues only.

The apple's shape, size, colour and unique skin patterning are all used by our engine to assign a unique fingerprint to each and every apple.

This product fingerprint allows verification and authentication of produce without the need of additional tagging or tracing throughout the supply chain, from farm to table.

Computer Vision sees each tire as unique.

Our AI engine is specifically trained to identify the unique features of each tire and generate a tire fingerprint from an image.

Fingerprinting for tire tracking, tracing and identification
Tire fingerprinting can be used to track and trace tires throughout the supply chain, from point of manufacturing to point of sale.
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We see uniqueness in everything!
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